About the OWL Blog

About Hoot

Hoot was launched in March 2016 to supplement the Excelsior OWL by providing a hub for educators to share ideas, learn from each other, and dialog. With Hoot, educators can:

  • Explore topics related to the teaching and learning of reading and writing in greater depth
  • Showcase the ways they have used OWL resources and provide examples of successful assignments and course design
  • Share cutting-edge approaches to online writing/reading pedagogy & technologies
  • Discuss the impact that educational technology and OERs like the OWL are having in higher education

Hoot could not exist without guest contributions from an amazing network of OWL supporters at institutions and organizations across the country and the world. If you would like to contribute an article to Hoot, visit the Contact the Editor page to view writing guidelines or contact the editor directly at owl@excelsior.edu.

About the Excelsior OWL

The Excelsior OWL is an award-winning open education resource designed to provide 24/7 online support for college-level writing and reading comprehension. It offers resources to support reading and writing in first-year composition courses, ESL courses, developmental courses, writing across the curriculum, and writing in the disciplines.

The OWL is unique in its emphasis on multimedia technology to foster learning. It offers a wide variety of engaging multimedia content, including videos, slideshows, interactive exercises, quizzes, interactive PDFs, and even a video game! These resources are designed to help learners understand and practice important concepts about writing and reading comprehension in a self-paced, engaging, and supportive online environment.

The OWL supports learning in online, hybrid, and traditional classrooms, and it can even be useful in “flipping” a curriculum. Educators can use the OWL as either a supplement to or a replacement for traditional textbooks in the field. In fact, with the Owlet tool, educators can create their own custom OWLs.